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Smart Agronomy

Agrolabs helps to gain full control over your crop. Our solutions are a synergy of software and hardware that integrate easily into the existing growing process to achieve higher cost efficiency, superior yields and improved quality of crops.


Agrolabs helps to gain full control over your crop.

Innovations made easy
Agrolabs products integrate flawlessly into your existing growing process. Start enjoying smart agriculture with easy set up and minimal training.
Planting to harvesting
Agrolabs offers centralised control over the crop from initial planting to harvesting 24/7. Having full-cycle data helps your agronomist to make informed decisions at every stage to improve yield and quality of crop.
Data-driven decisions
Have predictable yield with Agrolabs. Your crop is constantly analysed against optimal growth conditions and any dangerous anomalies trigger instant notifications.

Intelligent Cultivation

Get the most out of your data

Optimised control

Use Agrolabs Cloud Platform to control your crop data in one place
Agrolabs W-Sens
Intelligent indoor farming. Crop growth performance analytics through key data points in real time.
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Agrolabs B-Control
Smart pollination. Significant efficiency boost with automated control and bee activity monitor
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